Supplier registration

Welcome to the ONE Communication Platform!

Would you like to become a cooperation partner of the BSH Home Appliances Group as a supplier?

Please read the requirements and register using the link shown below.

  • You adhere to the applicable national and international standards, guidelines, and laws.
  • You fulfill our social and environmental standards.
  • You use a certified quality management system (ISO 9001 et seqq.).
  • You are willing to be part of a cooperative and long-term partnership.
  • You maintain transparency and openness in our business relationship.
  • You are prepared to continuously optimize processes.
  • You actively cooperate in implementing joint measures for reducing costs.
  • You have a consistently high level of product quality.
  • You have strong logistics expertise.
  • You provide a high level of delivery reliability.
  • You participate in our IT-supported exchange of information.
  • We work together with you in a fair, trusting, and long-term manner.
  • We provide you with demand-oriented growth prospects.
  • We support you with supplier management designed to aid our partnership.
  • We integrate you into the product development process.
  • We maintain a continuous dialog with you.